New studio album available on November 23, 2013 !


Entitled ''Lost End Found'', the new album will be officially released on November 23, 2013 , marked with a special live performance hosted at Cinema Patria / Bucharest.
Featuring 11 brand new songs, the new album includes the awarded singles ''Terminus'' ''All Wrong'' & ''Cine Iubeste si Lasa'', gathering already more than 1.000.000 views on Youtube.
ecorded in Bucharest / Romania at ISV studios, using independent control rooms, ''Lost End Found'' was mixed by Alexandru Redes & mastered by Neil Pickles, Alchemea Sound College, London - UK

It will be available in a printed limited edition series, a beautiful 120 pages coffee table book
presenting the entire journey of the band for the making of this album.
From their first rehearsal to their final studio session, based on a selection of more than 50.000 photos, the new album presents special moments captured by the band’s official photographer Radu Dumitrescu during Urma's live performances in Bucharest, Freiburg, Budapest, London, Berlin or Paris.

In partnership with the unconventional thinkers from Pro Patrimonio Foundation and The Romanian Architects Order and thanks to the exclusive artwork, signed as usual by Cristian Ioan Gutau / Cignature, the new album is also an open invitation to discover amazing romanian architectural & cultural heritage.
Musicians & architects, working together, trying to save, preserve & restore amazing romanian architectural & cultural treasures, about to be lost forever, due to political greed, lack of transparency in public administration and social irresponsibility.

An urgent rescue operation is required and it is possible, using anger as a gift, and we have the right examples to prove it.
Some of these traces were lost, waiting for an end, but with the help & enthusiasm of beautiful, inspiring people, they were saved & restored, ready to be found by future generations.

The Mincu House (Bucharest ) or The Water Plant (Suceava) are some of our Lost End Found examples.
Restored and developed as state of the art public spaces, for the benefit of their community.

Unfortunately, for many other romanian architectural & cultural treasures, like The Matache Market Hall or The Assan's Mill, there was no happy ending, and today we can only confirm a great loss to our architectural and cultural heritage.

On November 24, 2013 Lost End Found will be available worldwide, in digital format, in all the major digital stores, like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer or Spotify.

Lost End Found tour dates coming soon, for more info regarding the official release concert at Cinema Patria / Bucharest and how to purchase your ticket, please check in

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