On August 30, 2014 Urma will perform at Banffy Castle, during the Bontida Cultural Days.


The historic environment offers a perfect setting for the enjoyment of cultural activities. The Built Heritage Conservation Training Centre promotes the full use of the historic environment within its educational and cultural programmes as a means of familiarising the public with, and helping them to understand and enjoy the quality of historic buildings and landscapes. Bánffy Castle is one of the most spectacular ensembles in Transylvania and is therefore a perfect venue for cultural activities.
Through the Bontida Cultural Days the castle offers a full weekend of events and cultural activities which has proved increasingly popular to a wider public since its inception in 2002. The events are designed to be inclusive of all ethnic groups ( Bontida is the home of Romanian, Hungarian and Roma people, in equal proportion). Consequently events incorporate music and dance from each of these origins, together with additional concerts, theatre and special events for children. The Cultural Days also offer the opportunity to promote the work of local craft businesses, other project initiatives (such as the British Council’s Magic Pencils initiative for children), as well as involving the public in the workshop skills which are being taught at the castle. The Incitato Riding School is a popular attraction each year.
Organised by Transylvania Trust, Institute of Historic Building Conservation, Bontida City Council & Bontida City Hall, the Bontida cultural days are held each year on the last weekend of August, at Bánffy Castle, Bontida.
More info about this special event and the beautiful castle known as the Versailles of Transylvania
See you there, Acoustic Castle is waiting for you Happy

p.s the splendid photo is signed by Vali Turean |

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