May 10, 2013. A day to remember for the rest of our lives.


May 10, 2013. Urma MTV Unplugged, accompanied by GREEN ORCHESTRA, conducted by Simona Strungaru. 30 musicians on stage and around 50 hard working people off stage. This was not an easy project, for sure. But easy is for everyone, and we're smiling today. We are blessed to have talented, dedicated people on our side, making this journey possible. And last but not least, we are blessed to have YOU. Our main investor, partner and supporter for the last ten years. Before this event we were told, once again, due to the size of the budget of this production, that we should reconsider and redesign the entire production.
To make it easier, for everyone. So we had to make a choice. The easy way out vs. The hard way in. Guess what we did ? Again. And we're smiling today. Our little musical gift for Tasuleasa Social has a meaning. Simple and clear. There is no easy way. And you were there, as you always do.
May 10, 2013. A day to remember for the rest of our lives. THANK YOU !

More URMA MTV UNPLUGGED PHOTOS, signed as usual by Radu Dumitrescu,
here. Enjoy !
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