And the title is…


It's not easy, as a maker, to define your heartwork.
Finding the right title is not an easy task, you have to choose carefully one word or two, to define hours, days and years of your lifetime.
If you're looking for the right words to describe your past, present & future actions in the same time, it gets even more complicated.
And we have to say it, the title of all our albums were written down, with our past, present & future in mind.
While we were Lost End Found in Cluj, springtime inspired us to share our Nomad Rhymes peacefully, using our Anger as a Gift, with no strings attached to fancy trends & showbiz golden rules. Right from the very first step, our only masterplan was vibe on, Trend off, as simple as that.
That being said, we're happy to inform you we're working on a new album, and the chosen title is a little reminder of our roots & and our constant desire to make music without compromises.
Just because playing from our heart is still all that matters.
They say a good photo worth a thousands words.
This word worth a thousand of our dreams.
It defines hours, days & years of our lifetime.
Our past, present & future, in one word.
See you soon near a friendly stage, we'll do our best to share new rhymes & reasons with you as soon as possible.
Have a nice spring !
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