Touring on the Danube River


Most of the time, when we're invited to share our rhymes & reasons, we usually take a nice road trip, enjoying the comfort of our tour van, on our way to a friendly stage.
From time to time we go up in the sky, depending where we need to perform.
This time we were paddling, chasing our own golden fish, on the Danube river.
Not everyday you have the chance to go to your job in your kayak Happy
But the future holds unlimited possibilities.
It started with a simple friendly invitation.
Urma was invited to perform at Rowmania Fest 2013.
Taking in consideration the purpose of this festival, their passion for kayaking and their desire to participate for the first time to the longest and most difficult river tour of the world, Tour International Danubien,
Mani Gutau & Radu Dumitrescu decided to travel to this festival using only their kayaks as a way of transportation, following the course of the Danube River, from Calarasi to Tulcea, joining the international convoy of TID on the Romanian side of the Danube River.
After several days of paddling, in the good company of their seahorses Ivan & Mila 23, they successfully managed to reunite with their band partners and perform at Rowmania Fest on 1st of September 2013.
On 3rd of September 2013, around 8.00 P.M, after 12 days of paddling on the Danube River, covering a distance of 416 kilometers, during the 58th edition of Tour International Danubien, Mani & Radu safely reached the shores of the Black Sea in the Delta of Danube, at Sfantu Gheorghe, the final destination of the longest and most difficult river tour of the world.

To describe such a journey is somehow an impossible task, more than words can say.
We were blessed to share an amazing journey, with beautiful people from all over the world, and it would be quite hard to put our heart on paper.
To keep it simple, it goes like this.
If you're planning to join this tour next year, here is a short list of activities Happy
You'll enjoy a fresh apple with Jim from Australia, share a good cup of coffee & firewater with Tomek from Poland, laugh until you cry with Bozo from Serbia, play guitar with Thomas from Austria, let yourself guided through narrow channels by Niki from Bulgaria, take a short swim and share a secret golden beach with Daniel from Germany, and no matter how late you'll reach the base camp, keep calm and be sure friendly awesome Romanian people like Costin, Teo, Sorin or Sterian will be waiting for you, to help you with your gear.
Don't worry about your communication skills, there's a hidden bonus.
After few days on the water, you'll start to understand the Danubian language.
Probably one of the most beautiful languages on this earth.

If you need to know more about it, guess it's better to let the magic of the Danube river do the rest, enjoy the
photos signed as usual by Radu Dumitrescu.
Thank you
TID Romania & Rowmania for an amazing ride, simply unforgettable.
See you soon near a friendly stage !
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